James Postrasija

James Postrasija
Speaker & Coach

James Postrasija works with Startups, small, medium and large Cororations on Launching Software IoT, Web 3 Technologies, Blockchain Technologies.

James Postrasija Speaker
James Postrasija Order Food Online
Order Food Online


James Postrasija is the CEO of Order Food Online a Online Ordering Food Platform based in Canada & USA. Which focuses on Software Solutions for Restaurants which include Business Intelligence, Delivery Automation, Marketing Promotions, Loyalty Program, Gift Cards, API Integrations with some of the fortune 500 Companies in the IoT or “Internet of Things” Technologies

James Postrasija Services

Variety of Services Offered

James Postrasija Website Developer

Website Development

Full Stack Development, Databases, Native Apps, React, Mongodb, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud and more

james postrasija advisor

Advising / Coaching Startups

James Postrasija provides advising and coaching for Startups in the TECH Sector.

James Postrasija SEO Professional

SEO Professional

James Postrasija is an SEO Professional with 15 years of Experience.

james postrasija speaking blockchain

Speaking / Blockchain

James Postrasija provides Sales Training and Professional Speaking Services for Pitching, Raising Capital & Public Speaking for Blockchain Technologies Web 3.

Your Vision & Passion

James Postrasija vision is to help the TECH Echo System grow and expand with the latest Technology. James Postrasija passion is helping Startup grow and scale their company thru all stagies of growth.

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